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This is a brief listing of past challenges for those of you that just want to do them for fun, or have joined our group after the deadlines. Basic descriptions have been provided as well as links to the generators. All designs can be submitted to this folder: fashionfever-contest.deviantar…


Month Long

Haunted Gala Fashion
Of course, I'm going to do a "Halloween"-ish design challenge in October! You have to! That and it's my favorite holiday. So here is the challenge.
You are to design a gala look based upon a famous monster, spook or specter AND a well known holiday treat. Yes, that means the two inspirations must blend into one look and sorry, but you can't choose which two separately - Cuz I'm just a little evil.
Now, I'm not looking for a recreation of a mummy costume. Think avante garde, my dear designers. We should SEE your inspiration but the look shouldn't BE your inspiration. Speaking of which, here are your inspirational pairings:
:bulletred: Zombie & Candy Corn
:bulletred: Vampire & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
:bulletred: Frankenstein & Powdered Doughnuts
:bulletred: Witch & Caramel Apples
:bulletred: Mummy & Sugar Skull
:bulletred: Wolfman & Kit Kats
:bulletred: Creature from the Black Lagoon & Tootsie Pops
Okay, so maybe a few of those are a little evil....
Good Luck!

Leather, Gears, Laces & Levers
Brought to you by :iconpsychovampyer:
It's here, folks! Our Steampunk Challenge!
I want to see spats, corsets, cravats and monocles! But not in just any old fashion, oh no. You are designing for two very specific clients. A Bride and Groom. That's right, you'll need to create two looks worthy of walking down the aisle in an all out Steampunk inspired event.
For those of you that are not totally familiar with just what is Steampunk here are a few links to help you along:……
:iconjoebenitez: and his wonderful Lady Mechanika artwork

Garden Goodness
The month of July is ripe with celebrations of delicious garden grown treats, so I snagged a few of them to serve as your inspiration for this month's challenge. You will need to select 1 pair of the following to design a 4-6 piece collection. You can keep each design specific to a single inspiration or mix the two together but both MUST be represented in the collection. Don't just regulate your self to the known images of your inspiration either. You can include their leaves, flowers or varieties.
Your choice are....
:bulletgreen: Melon & Eggplant
:bulletgreen: Mango & Lettuce
:bulletgreen: Blueberries & Horseradish
:bulletgreen: Nectarine & Garlic

I Scream... You Scream
Yes, we all scream for ice cream! Inspired by the sounds of kids and repetitive ringing chimes from the local ice cream truck, which started its rounds just before Memorial Day where I live. Summer memories for many are full of all those things you could only get during the warmer months - especially up north! One of those things is, of course, ice cream!
Think back...
What was your favorite?
'Cuz it counts for this challenge.
You see, for June, your challenge is to design a 6 piece casual summer collection around the following inspirations (brought to you, mostly, by That means 1 design for each inspiration.
:bulletred: Firecracker… :bulletred: Classic Orange, Grape & Cherry Popsicle… :bulletred: Fudgsicle…
:bulletred: Orange Creamsicle… :bulletred: Traditional (soft serve) Ice Cream Cone lifeisonebigstage.files.wordpr… :bulletred: Your Favorite!

April Showers Bring May Flowers
Brought to you by::iconkattahanna81:
I went through the recommended challenges and this one just clicked with spring. Four beautiful and exotic flowers are going to be your inspiration for this mini collection. The chosen blooms (left to right, top to bottom) are: the Blue Passion Flower, the Corpse Flower, the Night Blooming Cereus or Luna flower made so popular in anime by the series Wolf's Rain, and the Plumeria flower.

February: Leapin' Lizards
Every four years we gain an extra day in February. For our new month long challenge, you are to design 3 looks based upon critters that leap! You can choose bugs, bunnies, fish or frogs (just to name a few) but they have to be a creature that is known for leaping... Okay, so a few jump or hop but let's not get technical.

March: Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed
Spring is on its way and with the warmer weather all the newly born animals will be coming out to explore. These cute, curious and occasionally trouble making babies are ripe with possible inspiration. Your challenge is to choose 3 different animals ranging from new born to yearling to inspire your mini collection.

April: Always a Bridesmaid
It's the time of year when wedding season begins to kick into high gear. Hope, happy Brides are out and about planning their special day. Depending on their personality or taste, they are about to flatter or visually traumatize their lovely ladies in waiting. We've seen it all! Lime green taffeta to elegant pastels to tantalizing bold tones.
For April, your challenge is to take the concept of the bridesmaid dress and create a mini collection (3-5 dresses) that is not only cohesive but would look good on a range of body types. But to make this a little harder for you, you will have to pick a theme from one listed below:
:bulletwhite: Renaissance :bulletwhite: Victorian Gothic :bulletwhite: Roaring 20's
:bulletwhite: 80's Glam :bulletwhite: Sci-Fi Splendor :bulletwhite: Asian Inspired


Quick Draw

Go For Baroque
Participants must design a masquerade costume that they would like to wear for a gala event that INCLUDES the mask.

All Wrapped Up
Participants are to design an outfit ONLY from supplies that can be purchased at a party supply store. The description should include a link to what was used and explain how.


Challenge Generator

Olympic Sized Fashion
Brought to you by :icontr1nks1e:
It's 2012, which means a few things for those of us the world over... Elections, the end of the world and of course the Summer Olympics in London! While I could just imagine some of the post apocolyptic designs some of you could come up with, I decided to take Tr1nk1e's suggestion and went with the Olympics for this Generator Challegne.
By clicking on this… you will be taken to the generator which will offer up both your country and sport of inspiration. Your challenge will be to take both, mash them together and come up with a design worthy of an opening ceremony after party.
I took the time to enter every one of the 204 countries that are participating, so get ready to be handed some country you know nothing about! (Feel free to insert evil laughter here.) Yes, I even typed in each of the Summer Olympic sports. So, to get your inspirations, simply enter the following:
:bulletyellow: Your DA Name
:bulletblue: Your favorite TV viewing snack food
Now, I know several of you have changed your DA Names, so for this challenge you can enter up to 3 designs. Huh? What? Yea, I like confusing you, so for your second and third designs simply replace your DA Name with your real name/nickname and your past DA Name! Also, feel free to change up the snack foods. I did all three of mine and as an example of what you'll get here are mine:
:bulletred: Mali ... Tae kwon do
:bulletgreen: Dominican Republic ... canoe/kayak
:bulletwhite: Republic of Moldova ... fencing

Brought to you by :iconlady-yuukie:
When you click on the link below you will be sent over to our Challenge Generator where will need to enter your DevArt user name. Once you've done that you will be given two Pokemon to be inspired by. This is a double design Challenge with 40 32 slots remaining!
But wait! You're allowed to submit up to four design sets so how do you get different Pokemon for each set? Easy. Simply enter the following answers:
:bulletgreen: DA User Name
:bulletgreen: DA User Name + Favorite Color (GwynndolynBlue)
:bulletgreen: DA User Name + Favorite Number (Gwynndolyn27)
:bulletgreen: DA User Name + Favorite Animal (GwynndolynPlatypus)
Find your inspirations here:…

Inspiring the Best Fashion on Earth!
Snapple. Made from the best stuff on Earth (c)
Following the link below enter in your first name and date of birth (Jane041381 <-- Just like that) and receive the Snapple flavor meant for you! Just remember that each design must have the signature "S" somewhere.
But wait! Of course, that's not all. For the added chance at 5 bonus points, you must include a verified Snapple Real Fact in you description.
Generator is located here:…

Evildoer Reduex
Time to use your imagination to 're'imagine the wardrobe of some well known Lady villians. No carbon copies of already created popular costume designs. If you have any questions about the villain or genre do not be too shy to ask!
the Challenge Generator:…

Costume Conundrum
Make a spectacular costume using the generated theme fro the generator provided below. The Challenge Generator:… (it will take to you to Blog

Disney Mash Up
By inputting your DevArt user name into the Generator found here:… you are to design an outfit based upon your given Disney lady and theme.


Specialty Challenges

Girls' Night Out!
Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "oh, this'll be easy!" Yea, I like lowering your expectations like that for a few moments in time. While the basis of this challenge is pretty easy - design 3 to 5 looks that you and your friends would wear for a girls' night out on the town. Club wear, casual wear, formal wear... whatever, you go for.
Here is the twist... Your inspiration: Lucille Ball
That quirky, famous red head that grabbed the hearts of viewers in her show I Love Lucy from 1951-1957. Even My Little Ponies: FIM did a skit made famous by this series in their The Last Roundup episode.

Inspired by all thing Nom
Help! I'm stuck on all these food related weird holidays! They make such interesting inspiration though, I can't help it! Your challenge is to turn 3 of these tasty treats into 3 evening wear looks. So that being said, here's your list of wonderful Noms to choose from:
:bulletred: Lollipops
:bulletred: Chili Dogs
:bulletred: Lasagna
:bulletred: Cheesecake
:bulletred: French Fries
:bulletred: Pina Coladas

Heavenly Bodies
Challenge idea brought to you by::iconkattahanna81:
For those wanting to participate in this Challenge you are going to have plenty of time to get it done! Why? Well, two reasons: First, because a lot of our challenges have been ending all at once. Second, you might need it...
This is a 9 piece collection challenge. Your inspirations are the 8 IAU recognized planets (not the dwarf planets, oO, 14 pieces is a bit much) and the red giant, the Sun. Those recognized planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus & Neptune. Sorry, no more Pluto. Oh, and because I like to throw these little curve balls at you... Don't forget to toss in a UFO somewhere in the collection.

Ugly By Design
I took the time to find some of the most hideous fabric patterns I could for this challenge - you're welcome - I'm fairly certain my eyes are permanently going to see splotches and spots.
You will have 6 fabrics to choose from and you can use 1 or more in order to create 3 evening wear looks. Feel free to insert evil laughter here. Yes, I said evening wear. Gowns or tuxedos. Sleek or full skirts. Your challenge is to take the following fabric patterns and to quote the Gunn, "Make it work!" Good luck... You're going to need it because a minimum of 50% of the design must include the following patterns:
The Birds:…
Blinding Sorbet:…
Olive Splotch Flowers:…
70's Cyclopes:…
Flowers & Stripes:…

Marvels of Fashion
A cheesy title from a long time comic fanatic! Really, what do you expect? These names are hard.
In light of the latest Marvel (c) comic to movie release tomorrow, I decided to set forth a new specialty challenge for all of you. From the list of Avengers below (no, I'm not talking about only the movie, like I said I'm a comic geek) you are to select 7 to design a collection for. But lets keep this challenging.
*Insert evil bad guy laughter here.*
All of your collection can fall into only ONE fashion category.
Okay, okay, so it wasn't really deserving of the evil laughter but I've been wanting to do it all day. Best of luck to all of you, I'm going to give you until Midnight on June 6th to have it completed. Such an odd date right? I'm wondering if I should tell you why or let you figure out what it has to do with the series... Well, maybe a few hints: It was 2005 and involved the New Avengers.
Heros for Your Choosing:
:bulletyellow: Captain America  :bulletyellow: Deadpool  :bulletyellow: Valkyrie :bulletyellow: IronMan  :bulletyellow: Black Widow  :bulletyellow: Beast
:bulletyellow: Thor  :bulletyellow: Scarlet Witch  :bulletyellow: Wolverine :bulletyellow: Hawkeye  :bulletyellow: Ms. Marvel  :bulletyellow: Hulk
:bulletyellow: Spiderman  :bulletyellow: Storm
Fashion Categories
:bulletred: Swimwear  :bulletred: Evening Wear  :bulletred: Lingerie
:bulletred: Casual Summer Wear  :bulletred: Club Clothes

Weird, Yet Real, Holidays
This was introduced over at :iconcatwalkchallenge:
I always find it interesting just what people celebrate and the fact that much of these reason are actually recognized, albeit little known, holidays. Your challenge is to choose from one of the following days in April to be your inspiration.
:bulletred: 2nd - National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day
:bulletred: 7th - caramel Popcorn Day
:bulletred: 10th - Golfer's Day
:bulletred: 15th - Titanic Remembrance Day
:bulletred: 21st - Kindergarten Day
:bulletred: 27th - Babe Ruth Day

Shamrock Shake!
No, I don't mean the minty goodness that Mc.D's puts out every year at this time. I mean dancing, as in club wear! What's the catch? Your designs MUST include a shamrock somewhere on the submission and should be majorly green (various shades are more then welcome!).
Now, bonus trivia time! What is the original color of St. Patrick's Day? Enter the answer into your description AND add it somewhere on your design.

Red, White & Roses
Our Valentine's Day Challenge!
Once again we follow trails of candy cane colored streamers through store asiles but it is not Christmas. Those red and white (and pink, of course) decorations are for Valentine's Day! With all of the flowers and chocolates there is so much to inspire you. So, this is your chance to design a look just for you. Be it couture or casual.
There is a catch, however. What? You thought, I'd make this easy? The theme is Valentine's Day and you must have a red heart as part of the finished design.
The design MUST have a Valentine's Day theme and, of course, the red heart.


Pre Sign Up

Fashion Gone Wild
Challenge idea brought to you by::iconx-geneiva-x:
This is a mini collection challenge! Below you will notice 4 different categories with 6 listings in each. In order to join the competition you need to select 1 from each category to inspire a single design in your collection.
:bulletblue: Peacock :bulletblue: Mandarin Duck :bulletblue: Scarlet Macaw :bulletblue: Blue Footed Boobie :bulletblue: Flamingo
:bulletblue: Mystery Choice - Channel Billed Ariel Toucan
:bulletyellow: Golden Tamarin :bulletyellow: Red Panda :bulletyellow: Lemur :bulletyellow: King Cheetah :bulletyellow: Okapi
:bulletyellow: Mystery Choice - Rocky Mountain Horse
:bulletwhite: Lion Fish :bulletwhite: Japanese Koi :bulletwhite: Clown Fish :bulletwhite: Blue Tang :bulletwhite: Mandarin Fish
:bulletwhite: Mystery Choice - Blue Ringed Octopus
:bulletgreen: Blue Coral Snake :bulletgreen: Cayman :bulletgreen: Tokay Gecko :bulletgreen: Painted Turtle :bulletgreen: Green Tree Python
:bulletgreen: Mystery Choice - Dwarf Albino Reticulated Python…

Stage Universe
In celebration of the 2011 Miss. Universe competition, choose one of the lovely ladies on the list to design a competition gown for.

Anything You Can Do...
...I can do better. For this challenge participants were assigned 1 of 3 categories: bugs, fish or reptiles (maybe it was birds...) to design 3 complete looks for. You can choose any category BUT each look must be based upon a different creature in your category. Please reference which critters you used in your description.


Charitable Challenges

Fashion for a Cause
For this challenge we have 10 causes to design for. Simply choose one to inspire your design and get to creating! You just have to remember to include the "ribbon" that is assigned to each particular charity. While this challenge originally came with a donation to the winner's charity of choice, those that submit a design to the Past Challenges folder will receive 1 point for each submission towards the year end prize pool.
The charities are:
1. Autism Awareness - puzzle ribbon :bulletwhite: 2. Susan G Koman - pink ribbon
3.AiDs Awareness - red ribbon :bulletwhite: 4. Support our Troops - yellow ribbon
5. Cerebral Palsy - green ribbon :bulletwhite: 6. Prostrate & Colon Cancer - blue ribbon
7. Stop Violence Against Women - white ribbon :bulletwhite: 8. March of Dimes - purple ribbon
9. Center for Bullying Prevention - orange ribbon :bulletwhite: 10: LGBT Support - 6 color rainbow ribbon


Limited Entry

Patriotic Fashion
Not only is it soon to be the 4th of July but this year is also the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. Two very symbolic events in the history of North America. So your challenge is to design an evening wear look based around the Military fashions from 1776-1812. You can choose either side to inspire you.
There is a limit of 12 slots for this challenge, of which participants may enter 2 designs (1 design per slot). Unlike our currently running challenge below, this one will only be available until the end of July.

Delish Designs!
For this challenge you will be able to design for one, two or three categories! Your inspiration must come from one of the selected choices within each section. And your choices are...
:bulletgreen: Beet & Goat Cheese Napoleon
:bulletgreen: Cucumber Cup with Watermelon
:bulletgreen: Lobster Pops
:bulletgreen: Sushi
:bulletgreen: Spaghetti Carbonare
:bulletgreen: Filet Mignon
:bulletgreen: Saffron Poached Pear
:bulletgreen: Chocolate Souffle
:bulletgreen: Coconut Milk & Red Bean Pudding

Accessories Abound
Find a unique accessory and create a whole fashion design around it.
:bulletorange:… - Kiddie Slide Peep Toe Pumps  by Kobi Levi
:bulletorange: v-couture-boutique.deviantart.… - Black Lace Collar by :iconv-couture-boutique:
:bulletorange:§ion=&global=1&q=purse#/dm090l - Nantucket Purse by :iconbutterflydragon:
:bulletorange:… - Copper Swirl Earrings by DryGulch
:bulletorange:… - Black & Silver Spiral Pumps by Diego Dolcini

One More Drink
Another challenge that included categories. This one was divided into 3 main sections with 2 cocktail choices in each that participants had to base their designs around.
1. Swimwear: "Cats & Roses" or "Blood Orange"
2. Casual: "Spicy Sara" or "2XT"
3. Formal: "Mandarin Cafe" or "Alligator"



Around the World in 80 Days
Create a design representing any country in the world. It can be any type of attire but you MUST state which country you have designed for.


Second Chance Challenges

School daze
School Uniforms are a common practice but sometimes lack a small hint of fun for the younger generations.  You may design for any age group between K-12. Create a "uniform set" which includes three or more options to mix and match (i.e pants, shirt, skirt, dress, etc...) that would make any kid feel fashion ready between age groups K-12. While it is optional you may also pick an actual school to design for, or make one up for fun.

Did you ever want to go back and try to re-design something you did a while ago? Now is your chance! Pick an old fashion design from your gallery or else where and make it new again!


2011-2012 Year Long Challenge

You can see the original submissions here:fashionfever-contest.deviantar…
The results here:fashionfever-contest.deviantar…
The Challenge
Create a design for each month of the year, you can represent each month however you deem fit here are some very easy examples: Zodiac, Holidays, Seasonal. Try to challenge yourself when creating each design.
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